Ayoub Benaissa
Software Engineer @Zama

Holding a master's degree in Compuer Science, I'm a polyglot software engineer working in the crypto and privacy industry. I have experience building products leveraging homomorphic encryption. I have a strong interest in both DevOps and CyberSec, and they make part of my skillset.

March 2021 - Present
October 2020 - December 2020
August 2020 - February 2021
October 2019 - August 2020
June 2016 - December 2020
February 2019 - December 2019
August 2018 - December 2020
September 2018 - December 2018
September 2018
Concrete is an open-source FHE Compiler that simplifies the use of fully homomorphic encryption (FHE). Concrete framework contains a TFHE Compiler based on LLVM, making writing FHE programs an easy task for developers
fhEVM-go is an open-source library used to easily integrate the fhEVM into an EVM-compatible blockchain
A library for doing homomorphic encryption operations on tensors. It provides ways for training and evaluating machine learning models on encrypted data
CrypTen Integration into PySyft
Provides a new way for running efficient secure multi-party computation protocols in PySyft to manipulate neural networks on private data
Malware Revealer
Malware Revealer is a malware classification framework, designed primarily for malware detection, it contains a modular toolset for feature extraction, as well as pre-trained models and a ready to use web API for making predictions
Pneumonia Detector
A trained neural network that can diagnose Pneumonia on chest x-ray, wrapped by an easy to use web application. It was selected as the best healthcare project by Udacity and Facebook during the Deep Learning with Pytorch challenge
OpenClass is a web app that promotes information sharing through organized workshops
ESI Linux
ESI Linux is a Linux distribution made for ESI-SBA (Ecole supérieure en informatique 08 Mai 1945) students particularly. It provides all the necessary tools for their curriculum
April 2021
TenSEAL: A Library for Encrypted Tensor Operations Using Homomorphic Encryption
Ayoub Benaissa, Bilal Retiat, Bogdan Cebere, Alaa Eddine Belfedhal
Workshop on Distributed and Private Machine Learning - ICLR 2021
November 2020
Asymmetric Private Set Intersection with Applications to Contact Tracing and Private Vertical Federated Machine Learning
Nick Angelou, Ayoub Benaissa, Bogdan Cebere, William Clark, Adam James Hall, Michael A Hoeh, Daniel Liu, Pavlos Papadopoulos, Robin Roehm, Robert Sandmann, Phillipp Schoppmann, Tom Titcombe
Privacy Preserving Machine Learning - PriML and PPML Joint Edition - NeurIPS 2020
April 2021
Syft 0.5: A Platform for Universally Deployable Structured Transparency
Adam James Hall, Madhava Jay, Tudor Cebere, Bogdan Cebere, Koen Lennart van der Veen, George Muraru, Tongye Xu, Patrick Cason, William Abramson, Ayoub Benaissa, Chinmay Shah, Alan Aboudib, Théo Ryffel, Kritika Prakash, Tom Titcombe, Varun Kumar Khare, Maddie Shang, Ionesio Junior, Animesh Gupta, Jason Paulmier, Nahua Kang, Andrew Trask
Workshop on Distributed and Private Machine Learning - ICLR 2021
Docker Community Leader Award
May 2020
Awarded during DockerCon 2020 for being active in the community for the last few years
November 2019
Second place for my team and I (Sudo_root) at the Cyber Security Awareness Week, New York University Abu Dhabi
HITB Abu Dhabi standoff 2019
October 2019
Fourth place for my team and I (Sudo_root) at Hack in The Box Abu Dhabi Standoff competition
Arab Regional CTF 2019
September 2019
Second place for my team and I (Sudo_root) at the annual Arab Regional Capture the Flag competition organized by CyberTalents
SecuriNets CTF
March 2019
Third place for my team and I (Sudo_root) at the annual SecuriNets qualification Capture the Flag competition
Deep Learning with Pytorch Challenge
January 2019
Our project (Pneumonia Detector) got selected by Udacity and Facebook as the best healthcare project
Hacklab CTF
March 2018
Fourth place for my team and I (Sudo_root) at the Hacklab Capture the Flag competition, ESGI Paris
November 2017
Third place for my team and I (Sudo_root) at the Cyber Security Awareness Week, New York University Abu Dhabi
Himayatic CTF
October 2017
First for my team and I (Sudo_root) at the Himayatic Capture the Flag competition
Major League Hacking - Local Hack Day
December 2016
First place at the AutoBot13 programming competition organized by the Major League Hacking Local Hack Day
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Build an Homomorphic Encryption Scheme from Scratch with Python
This blog post aims at explaining the basic mathematical concepts behind most of today's homomorphic encryption (HE) schemes, and then build upon this to implement our own scheme (similar to BFV) from scratch using Python.
CSAW'19 CTF Quals Writeup - Fault Box
Cyber Security Awareness Worldwide is the most comprehensive student-run cyber security event in the world, featuring nine competitions, 6 global hosts, workshops, and industry events.
Meaning of Life
The meaning of life is what any sane person would be eager to know. Life's pleasures can distract you from seeking it, but eventually, we will sit down and wonder about the reasons we are here, and the direction we are ultimately headed to. These fundamental questions are often pondered when starting a project. They help direct our actions into the right paths and provide a basis for evaluating what is good or bad. The same principles should apply to our lives, as it is the most important project we will ever undertake.
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